Silent Crisis (performance)

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Silent Crisis performed at the Queen’s Museum, New York City. Image Courtesy of Hrag Vartanian
Silent Crisis_Asian Art Museum, Drag performance.jpg
Silent Crisis, Performance, Asian Art Museum, photo courtesy of Huimeng Wang

Silent Crisis A multi-media performance that uses drag and movement to talk about how queer identities are performed as they switch contexts, in my case, from Karachi, Pakistan to San Francisco.  Coming from a conservative society and a political family, I was often at the cross section of a public self, a familial self and the third, a personal self.  In discovering and understanding of my queerness it became clear that I had to choose between a complex personal identity and a more legible public persona.  It was my silent crisis.  After moving to San Francisco, a gay mecca to most, I found myself in another crisis, Islamophobia and a white dominated gay scene had made it seem as if my Islam was in direct conflict with my sexuality.

Video footage by Mark Mcbeth at SAFEHouse For the Arts, 1 Grove Street

San Francisco, 2017