Tomorrow We Inherit The Earth: The Alif Series

This series of multimedia performances uses contemporary politics to create a fictitious future of a queer guerrilla movement. Faluda Islam, my drag alter ego is the revolution’s first martyr and in this performance she has been risen from the dead through wifi technology and comes back to the past to share this new future, both its triumphs and its failures. Borders of all kinds are destroyed and hybrid languages, cultures and identities begin to form as Faluda begins to collaborate with other specters from this eerie and unknown world .  The performances plays out in a series of iterations or chapters, even episodes going back and forth in time and geography.

Alif Para La Revolución

The title of the project takes on the word Revolution and translates it into Arabic and Spanish, languages used by two of the most targeted Immigrant communities in the U.S. Alif is the first letter of the word inqilab, meaning revolution in Arabic, Urdu and Farsi. Alif also holds great meaning in Arabic, it is the first letter of the alphabet and the first letter of the word Allah. It is often used as a poetic symbol of unity and new beginnings. Similar to standard alphabet books A is for apple and so on, instead of R is for Revolution, languages are mixed together in this new world and separated identities begin to intersect. In this reality: Alif is for the Revolution.

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Alif Para La Revolución as performed in the Asian Art Museum for APAture 2017, photo credit KaliMa Amilak
Alif Para La Revolución, performance Asian Art Museum, Photo by KaliMa
Alif Para La Revolución as performed in the Asian Art Museum for APAture 2017, photo credit KaliMa Amilak

The Meaning of Alif

This second iteration of the Alif series, narrates more specifically the causes and effects of this future revolution.  It goes into episodes of Faluda Islam’s life, her relationship with here family, her death and her ability through her zombie state to be able to not only relate the future to the past but also to grant your future hopes and dreams.

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Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 7.55.45 ق.د.
The Meaning of Alif as performed at SAFEHouse Arts February 2018. Stills from documentation by Marc Mecbeth