Side by Side, A collaboration with Minoosh Zomorodina (performance)

Side by Side, A Collaboration with Minoosh Zomorodinia

The Muslim body has become one of the U.S’s most contested spaces, it is a site that is simultaneously shunned, desired, feared, ridiculed, pitied and vilified.

Identifying as a Muslim in public has become a political action, as Muslims in the West we are all aware of our stereotypes: homophobic, misogynistic, violent, or in the case of women, queer and trans Muslims: oppressed. To act as a Muslim is to expose yourself to these assumptions.

What happens then when two Muslims, one queer and the other a woman, pray side by side in the streets of San Francisco? How should people understand us, how should our community digest who we are and with what lens now does American society view us with?

Video footage by Ana Maria Montenegro, Chris Ruby and Jaleesa Johnston