Pakistan, 8000 People on Death Row

This webzine has been put together in lieu of the horrifying situation in Pakistan.

The government has decided that the easiest way out of its problems is to execute all its prisoners on death row, a moral catastrophe that we must address.  Killing people will not heal the wounds of our nation.

Pakistan 8000 Pak how did start copy 2 ShH copy Who has the power copy Why Can't we Trust the Pakistani Justice System? How can you help

Moral Catastrophe

Check out these weblinks for more information fatima-bhutto-pakistan-dont-execute-shafqat- hussain.html?_r=0 mar/14/pakistan-execute-shafqat-hussain- global-outcry-capital-punishment thursday-pakistan-will-hang-a-man- accused-of-committing-a-crime-when-he- was-14 hours-from-hanging/ 1391322775_795.pdf



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