2016                          Dramaturg, Future Friend/Ships Keith Hennessy | Jassem Hindi, CounterPulse, San Francisco, USA
2016                          MFA in Studio Art, San Francisco Art Institute (pending)
2014                          MAH in History of Art, Edinburgh University
2013                          BA in History of Art, Edinburgh University
Employment History
2014-16                    Volunteer art teacher 71 Clifton Community Centre, Karachi, Pakistan
2014-16                    Project Manager of Young Street Photographers, a programme which gives young people from disadvantaged areas in Pakistan disposable cameras. Their photos are then displayed in a curated exhibition, either close to or within their communities.
2014-16                    Tutor, Academic Resource Centre, San Francisco Art Institute, USA
2015                          Teacher’s Assistant, Introduction to Darkroom Photography, San Francisco Art   Institute, USA
2015                          Founder and Manager of Gallery 71
Solo Shows
2017                         Mussalmaan Musclemen Strut, San Francisco, USA
2016                          This Means War 2 Residence/SF, San Francisco, USA
2015                          Cornered Textiles Paul Sacks, San Francisco, USA
2015                          The Shrine Gallery 39K, Lahore, Pakistan
2014                          Body Nation Caffe Piccolo, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
2017                          Silent Crisis, Featured Artist, Espacio KB, Bogota, Colombia
2016                          Side by Side, Jess Curtis/Gravity, Union Square, San Francisco, USA
2016                          Sontag, Diego Rivera Gallery, San Francisco Art Institute Visiting Artist, San Francisco, USA
2016                          Performance Salon RSF, San Francisco, USA
2016                          APAture 2016, HERE Asian Arts Museum, San Francisco, USA
2016                          Unfinished Business, A.C.T Costume Shop, San Francisco, USA
2015                            Subtraction Under Mission, San Francisco, USA
Group Shows
2016                          Domestic Affairs, Reshaped Gallery Isabelle Van Den Eynde,. Dubai, UAE
2016                          Aks Queer Festival Gallery 39K, Lahore, Pakistan
2016                          Relational Archives Swell Gallery, San Francisco, USA
2016                          The 70s Pakistan’s Radioactive Decade Amin Gulgee Gallery, Karachi, Pakistan
2015                          In/Tension Diego Rivera Gallery, San Francisco, USA
2015                          THAAP Conference Photography Exhibition Lahore, Pakistan
2015                          Subtraction Under Mission, San Francisco, USA (performance)
2015                          Lahore Literary Festival Al Hamra Arts Centre, Lahore Pakistan
2015                          Untitled Show Still Lights Gallery, San Francisco USA
2014                          New Genres Salon San Francisco Art Institute, USA
2014                          Agency in Post-Conflict Societies White Space Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland
2014                          Art Action! Old St. Pauls, Edinburgh, Scotland
2013                          South Asian Students’ Association Photography Exhibition Teviot Row   House Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland
Curatorial Projects
November 2015- February 2016, Co-curator of a five show series titled Is Saye Kay Parcham Talay (ISKPT)
November 2015:
  • ISKPT Inagural Show Gallery 39K Lahore, Pakistan
January 2016:
  • Young Street Photographers: Hindu Mohalla Neelum Colony Gallery 71, Karachi Pakistan
  • Saye Indus Valley School of Art, Karachi, Pakistan
  • Parcham Jamshed Montessori School, Karachi, Pakistan
  • Talay T2F, Karachi, Pakistan
2015                          Young Street Photographers Gallery 71, Karachi, Pakistan
2014                          Art Action! Old St. Pauls, Edinburgh, Scotland
2013                          South Asian Students’ Association Photography Exhibition, Edinburgh, Scotland
Awards, Artist Residencies and Traineeships
March 2017 (upcoming)        One + One + Two Residency, San Francisco, USA
September 2016                       CIIS Performance Intensive, San Francisco, USA
May 2016                                   San Francisco Art Institute Outstanding Student Award
Zulfikar Ali Bhutto “Why the Karachi Eat Food Festival Should Have Sold More than Nutella Gol Guppas” Scroll in. 02/11/2016
Salahuddin Zahra “Can art help shape our understanding of minority rights? Zulfikar Ali Bhutto says yes.” Dawn Images 02/11/2016
Zulfikar Ali Bhutto “On Thursday Pakistan will hang a man accused of committing a crime when he was 14” Scroll in. 03/18/2015
Zulfikar Ali Bhutto “A Better Life: Sindh’s Fascinating Jogis” Newsweek Pakistan 02/18-24/2015
Aziz Sohail “Living on the Fringes” Dawn 02/02/2015
Adnan Siddiqi “The Beatific Bhutto” Newsweek 01/31/2015
Ahmed Shoaib “Portrayal of Minorities” Dawn 01/13/2015
Zulfikar Ali Bhutto “Among the Believers” 5th Anniversary Issue Caravan 01/2015
Zulfikar Ali Bhutto “No Honour in Rape” The News 08/15/2014
Zulfikar Ali Bhutto “The Dark Direction” The News 06/11/2014
Zulfikar Ali Bhutto “The Meaning of Gaza” The News 07/2014


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