Forgotten Brothers, Video and Performance

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This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Forgotten Brothers refers to the violent separation of Pakistan from India in 1947. The video and performance goes through the history of the region and reveals the states’ major players in its violent history, their voices and images overlapping to create an overwhelming sensation. There is no escape from their policies and we are all subject to their whims. The video starts from the break of Pakistan from India, which caused the world’s largest mass migration in recorded history – with one million people dead and 10 million uprooted – it continues into Pakistan’s wars with India, its break with Bangladesh and then dives into the contemporary, looking at the Pakistani army’s lethal alliance with the United States and the seemingly never ending drone war that has since ensued.

The performance, has the video projected onto my body – situating the individual within history – while another performer stands with a knife/scissors.  My hands are tied behind my back. As the video continues, my performance partner grabs and move me as they wish, pushing me to the ground and simultaneously tearing apart my clothes.  History is enacted onto the performer and while archival footage can indeed distance the audience the contemporary living body adds a layer of relevance.

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